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This is a list of the articles to which I have made substantial contributions. New articles that I created are marked N.

Featured articles[edit]

  • David Helvarg had been flagged for attention when I came across it. Created as a stub by MikeCapone (19:32, 7 Dec 2004), an anonymous user made a small expansion of 5 Mar 2005 and on 1 Apr 2005 it was flagged for speedy deletion. This was rapidly moved to WP:VFD and on 3 Apr 2005 it was flagged for attention. The article was single paragraph when I found it. I researched the subject online and expanded the article because one VFD voter felt that Helvarg was not notable. I contacted Helvarg and asked him for some specific information and a photograph, which he provided. Thus, I was able to expand the article further on 8 Apr and it came off VFD the next day. Bish then copy edited the article at my request. Over the next few days I continued to polish the article and solicited comments from Maureen. On 11 Apr I posted it prematurely at WP:FAC. I moved it next day to peer review and for the next few days implemented the various suggesstions that were made there. These suggestions soon attenuated and on 17 May I put it back on FAC where it sparked a host of comments, which I could not address sufficiently fast to prevent its failure. I continued to polish the article with widespread guidance, and, on 14 June I returned it to Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/David Helvarg. This time it was successful, and on July 8 it was the featured article of the day: From stub through VFD to Main Page, now there is a lifecycle!
  • N Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe was my first article. I had researched him for a Dead Celebrities draw. After getting Helvarg to featured article I thought that I should start on those that I had initiated. I was surprised at how little work was needed before I brought it to peer review on July 23 2005. The changes identified there were simple to effect so I nominated the article for featured article status. Again, the few requested changes were readily effected and the article was promoted on August 14 2005.



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